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About ChristianTickets

ChristianTickets is a ticket booking site for Christian events, festivals and concerts in the UK and Europe.

ChristianTickets.co.uk was originally run as a part of registered charity 'Big Ideas' which later merged with Message Wales, but since July 2018 is now run entirely by Doive Web Design, aka David Burton.

In the coming months we are looking to diversify how the website is used and to move beyond simply selling tickets for gigs but to provide a platform for Christian organisations and churches to share forthcoming events, services and meetings on a common platform.

The primary aim is to provide a service to churches and charitable organisations by helping to promote events and services in the UK. However, we are not a charity, so in order to develop the website we need to cover costs, which is why we have paid for advertisements on the website and charge a fee when tickets are processed.

The website is currently under redevelopment, but there will be 3 kinds of events in future

  1. Free Events - These are events where anyone can attend without charge. To add these events to Christian Tickets you will not be charged. This system is currenltly being developed.
  2. Ticketed Events: If we are selling tickets for your event, you will be charged per ticket sold. The cost will depend on the ticket price and the booking fee can be incorporated into the sale price, or added on top. Prices will start from 50p per ticket, raising to £1 for tickets over £5 and £2 for tickets over £10.
  3. Listing Only Events - If you wish to list a paid event, but not use us to sell your tickets, we will charge a one off fee for listing the event. You will only be allowed to link to a third party booking site once this fee is paid.

Please contact us for more information about pricing.


We now use eTickets instead of issuing paper tickets. After purchase you will be emailed confirmation of your order which will include full details of your booking and a unique reference number. We recommend that you print off this email immediately and bring it with you when you come to the venue, along with proof of ID.

If you do not receive this confirmation email within 48 hours of your purchase, please contact Doive Designs on 01884 561499 or email: info@christiantickets.co.uk. Make sure that you include (or have to hand) the name, address and postcode used to book the tickets, and the date of the event you have booked for.

About Doive Web Design

The ChristianTickets website is administered and developed by web development company 'Doive Web Design' who were set up by University of Glamorgan graduate, David Burton in 2005.

Doive Web Design (Doive Designs) aim to provide web design, development and hosting to churches, charities, business start ups and small businesses.

If you would like to know more about Doive Web Design at www.doivedesigns.co.uk