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Scottish christian rapper mpfree has a powerful message to tell through his music and lyrics....

My life's order is God, la familia, hip hop. I want to spread the Gospel and show other young dudes that were like myself that God is real. It’s not fake, it ain’t a legend, it ain’t a fairy tale .... I want to let people know that God is the creator of all things. (Col 1 v16) and while some people think they've gone too far to turn to Christ, He has always loved you and is always waiting on you coming back to Him.

Secular hip hop glorifies everything God hates, so after 13 years of living in it, I turned my back on it and only listen to music that glorifies God. Sometimes I've found myself compromised though because hip hop heads only listen to beats they know, that's why I'll maybe spit on a well known beat, but its only to bring the gospel to your feet. God Bless. mpfree.

Link to Official Website: http://www.thisismpfree.com/

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