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Information For Event Promoters

ChristianTickets would like to help you sell tickets for your event, festival or concert.

This site exists to help promote forthcoming Christian events in the UK. If you are in the process of arranging an event at your church, in your local community or even a national tour, why not let us take some of the hassle out of your job.


Your event will be listed along side other concerts and gigs, meaning that people looking for other concerts are more likely to find yours. Past gigs have included: Iona, Superhero, Ernie Haase and Signiture Sound, Tony Campolo and Graham Kendrick, and LZ7 to name but a few.

Services provided

We will promote the event using the website and allow online booking to delegates. Delegates will be supplied with a confirmation email to confirm that their tickets have been booked.

We now use e-tickets, which are automatically issued when a customer books their tickets and a list of customers supplied to the venue before the event begins. If you need more information as to how this works, please email: info@christiantickets.co.uk or call (029) 2051 2247.


We will sell your tickets at a price agreed upon by yourself, plus a set booking fee. The fee is usually £2 per ticket and is paid by the delegates when they order, but all fees are negotiable. Using this method, all the ticket income will be credited to your organisation.

If you would prefer to include the booking fee in the cost, then a pre-arranged percentage of the ticket income will need to be agreed to cover postage, admin and postage costs.

Contact Christian Tickets

If you contact us today, you could see your event available for booking later the same day.

If you would like to know more please email: info@christiantickets.co.uk.